About us


Provide integrated solutions in maritime segments, developing sustainable actions and procedures to market demands, valuing our human resources.

Vision 2025

To be the first choice of customers, external and internal, as a benchmark for safety and quality, evolving in an organized and plausible manner, moving forward synergistically with our Stakeholders.


• Safety:
physical integrity of our employees and customers is our greatest asset. Our goal is zero accident.

• Ethics:
we are directly responsible for the actions we take. Our character is something that can’t be bought and we value moral integrity, honesty and transparency in our relationships.

• Quality:
we aim to attend our demands with excellence, in attention of the legal requirements and of our customers.

• Cooperation:
we know and understand that our workplace must be based on mutual help, with real teamwork, in order to overcome daily challenges.

• Human Capital:
employees are the essence of success for any organization.


ZemaxLog is Brazilian Shipping Company, duly authorised by “ANTAQ” (Brazilian National Agency of Aquatic Transports,) operating:

• Port Support

• Maritime Support

• Cabotage

• Long Haul / Deep Sea

Developing sucessful partnerships, ZemaxLog provides its services throughout Brazilian coast, always keeping an overall excellence as main objective. Furthermore, a continual improvement of our fleet and officers guarantees the triumph of ZemaxLog Management System within all of its clients.